TurboTax error 65535

How to Fix TurboTax Installation Error Code 65535?

TurboTax is an outstanding Tax preparation software, yet you may encounter glitches while using this software. One of the common issue TurboTax users face is the “Error code 65535”. This Error occurs when you try to install and update the TurboTax software.

There are various reasons due to which this issue can occur. Corrupt download files, improper installation of the software, corrupt windows registry are some common reasons behind error code 65535. If you are a TurboTax user and facing error code 65535 then you can get help on TurboTax support number. Else, read this Blog and you will know troubleshooting techniques to solve this issue.

Steps to Solve Error Code 65535 in TurboTax Software

There are many factors due to which error occur in TurboTax like error code 65535. But all these errors are resolvable with some ways. You should fix all the error causing factors to get a long-lasting solution.

Technique 1. You should download the fix-it tool, which will help to stop the installation error. Download this tool and restart your computer. Then run the installation program. You shouldn’t face error code 65535. But if you still face the issue then try below-given techniques.

Technique 2. If you are still facing the Error code 65535 and unable to install then try these steps.

For Windows 10/8/7/Vista users
1. Go to Task Manager through Taskbar.
2. Look at the Process tab. You will see the “Intuit Update Service” section, close the running process.
3. Find the MSIexce.exe file in the details section. Then close all the running tasks.
4. Then take TurboTax installation CD. Put it in the CD-Drive and start the installation process.

For Windows XP users
1. Disable the security software or any other blocking software on your computer.
2. Sign into the computer as an Administrator privileges because if don’t have the permission then you won’t be able to install the program.
3. Try installing the TurboTax again.

If you continue to face the error code 65535 then you must take the techies suggestion. Dial the TurboTax customer care number and get experts assistance. Because it may possible that the causing factor behind this issue something complex.

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