Windows Update Error Code 80070103

How To Fix Windows Update Error Code 80070103?

Regular updates are important for every device but they can be really irritating when they trouble the users. Windows users get irritated with the error code 80070103 when they try to perform the system update or install the device drivers. Technically this error code is not so serious and will not cause any harm to your device in any way. It can be fixed by simple troubleshooting or else you can contact Windows customer service where the certified technicians will rectify this error in a short span of time.

This error can become an obstacle in your path of the device usage. But you can eliminate it’s arising from the given two methods. These work in most of the cases and will eliminate the error from its roots.

Reasons of Windows Error Code 80070103–<

  • When you try to install the device driver that already exists
  • When there is some compatibility issue
  • There can be some internal conflict
  • The device driver can be outdated too

Steps to Fix Windows Error Code 80070103

Update The Device Drivers: ensure that all the drivers are updated and work properly. If you see a yellow triangle beside the driver then it needs an update. You can directly go to the manufactures website and install the relevant update.

You can also try the second measure where you can simply hide the update for a period of time so that it cannot create any hassle in your working.

Hide Update: when you upgrade the system and come across this error then you have the option of hiding this error code. To do so –

  • Click to check for updates
  • Click on Optional updates are an available link
  • Right click on the update you need to hide
  • Complete the step by clicking ok and restart your device

If required, you can get in touch with the technical professionals available at Windows Tech Support that can be accessed round the clock. Errors are part of electronic devices, be it a printer, computer or even software. But the necessary aspect is to resolve it by proper fixture otherwise that might trouble you in the near future.

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